There are moments of awareness,

but just usually a glimpse.

My eyes wide open and I can see,

but just as quick it shrinks.

Who is the ‘I’ that sees this place,

so what part of me is real.

Why can’t my heart protect itself,

why can’t it always feel.

When I relate from ego’s mind,

my blinds are quickly drawn.

Blinded then by my humanness,

truth can never dawn.

But in these precious moments,

when the lights turned on.

I can know the truth inside,

that’s been there all along.






To wonder at the symmetry of nature is to find harmony outside of ourselves.  What can we learn from the visual patterns we find in the natural world around us, the waves, circles and spirals. Could it be that it all stems from a centre point, the heart centre. Is nature subtly showing us that the heart is where it all begins, being the central place from which everything flows?

~ Liza



Daily Prompt – Pattern