Pluck of the Duck


So if you really want to eat me,

you will have to catch me first.

I will not make it easy for you,

I’m fast so you’ll work up a thirst.

I’m called duck as I have pluck,

I won’t give up life just like that.

If you really are that inclined,

why don’t you eat your pet cat.

Oh yes, my beak is quite a tool,

I’ll go first for your eyes if I can.

Really I’d think about it my friend,

why don’t you become a vegan.



I can’t quite get my head around the fact that people want to eat these beautiful creatures, life and let live they say, but surely that goes for all. ~



Avocado and Lime Pie



This the pie I made for my son and his girlfriend when they visited tonight, vegan and raw.  It was lush and although a little fattening, very healthy as made with avocado, limes, honey ( I know some vegans won’t eat honey) and a base of dates, almonds, coconut and dairy free chocolate. I love the vivid green colour too.

I didn’t have any but I did lick the knife!

The rest is in the freezer for when the diets over 😉

Daily Prompt – Vivid

Recipe now added below in comments 🙂


Plant Based Poem



A ruby coloured crystal goblet of goodness in a glass.

To perk me up, restore my health by acting very fast.

A beetroot, fresh and bleeding, ginger and carrots too.

Two apples, ice and turmeric, that’s how I made you.

I know that you will do the trick so  I’ll be back on track.

Health restored and bouncy, I won’t need to see the quack!


I wrote this for fun after making myself a detox, cleansing juice of organic vegetables . I’ve had a couple of days of feeling a little rough, which might be a result of not looking after myself so well at the weekend.   I’m trying to stick to this vegan diet but still feel I’m pulled down very quickly with various ailments, that I might have fared better with as a vegetarian.  I’m keeping at it though, not being one to give in!

So here I am, I’m back on track and back to my blog and life with beetroot stained fingers!





So for the last seven months I’ve been a vegan, I’m very proud that I managed it, a decision I made on the spur of the moment.  I don’t want to eat animal products anymore, I enjoy being a vegan.  Initially I made the decision to go the whole hog (excuse the pun) as I didn’t want to be pumped full of antibiotics that I didn’t need.  I wanted them to work if ever I needed them and know they are in abundance in the meat and dairy food industry.

But I have to tell you I have never been as sick or prone to illness as I have these last seven months.  I have always been healthy, I’m good cook and understand nutrition and what I need to keep my body functioning but for some reason I just keep getting sick.  Now I’m beginning to question if I am constantly poorly because of the change in my diet?  Does the vegan diet suit everyone?

I hadn’t eaten meat or drunk milk in years, so I only really gave up fish, eggs, dairy such as cheese and butter.  I cook from scratch and get a plethora of plants, pulses, nuts, seeds and tofu etc.  I make green smoothies, add plant protein and sprinkle nutritional on my food.  My diet is diverse, okay I have the odd chip and eat more bread but not to excess and I take organic supplements and more recently a tonic.

What’s going on, I feel so poorly I couldn’t even look at WP this weekend, I missed it but didn’t have the energy!  So I’ve had tooth issues, gum boils, colds, coughs and constant tiredness.  I have put on weight and my cholesterol has gone back up since I became vegan resulting on me having to go back on statins, go figure!  Cholesterol is hereditary in the family, but prior to my becoming a vegan it was right down!

I’m going to the doctor’s to get my bloods tested but I also need the help of the blogging community to explore this, give me some ideas in the comments please, before I boil an egg!