Plant Based Poem



A ruby coloured crystal goblet of goodness in a glass.

To perk me up, restore my health by acting very fast.

A beetroot, fresh and bleeding, ginger and carrots too.

Two apples, ice and turmeric, that’s how I made you.

I know that you will do the trick so  I’ll be back on track.

Health restored and bouncy, I won’t need to see the quack!


I wrote this for fun after making myself a detox, cleansing juice of organic vegetables . I’ve had a couple of days of feeling a little rough, which might be a result of not looking after myself so well at the weekend.   I’m trying to stick to this vegan diet but still feel I’m pulled down very quickly with various ailments, that I might have fared better with as a vegetarian.  I’m keeping at it though, not being one to give in!

So here I am, I’m back on track and back to my blog and life with beetroot stained fingers!



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