Avocado and Lime Pie



This the pie I made for my son and his girlfriend when they visited tonight, vegan and raw.  It was lush and although a little fattening, very healthy as made with avocado, limes, honey ( I know some vegans won’t eat honey) and a base of dates, almonds, coconut and dairy free chocolate. I love the vivid green colour too.

I didn’t have any but I did lick the knife!

The rest is in the freezer for when the diets over 😉

Daily Prompt – Vivid

Recipe now added below in comments 🙂


Desert – Daily Prompt


I soar across the desert 

towards the waterfall

My flight responds to instinct

I follow natures call

I spread my wings in answer

to calls from way above

My only goal the landing

when I have found my love.


I dive deep into the ocean

the currant drags me down

Deep into the murky depths

where real jewels can be found

I skim the wave to surf across

to treasure in my sights

The deep blue of the sea I see

and blackness of the nights


I scurry through the undergrowth

I jump through the tall grass

Sunlight glistens on my skin

the days they quickly pass

I jump across the muddy mound 

diving deep into my den

I’ll rest a while and bide my time

Until night is here again


I sit  high up on the balcony

watching setting suns

My time here now is very short

I think I’ve had my run

I think of all the elements

that joined me on my way

the earth and stars, sea and skies

and stories through each day