The Reading


Daily Word Prompt – Playful

The energy was different, almost playful she thought, she couldn’t quite work it out.  Sparks flew through the air in magical colours, dancing and twirling in the light.  ‘I wonder’ Cassy thought as she placed the silk on the table and laid out the tools of her trade.  Crystal ball in the middle, tarot cards to the left, a candle to the right and a selection of crystals.

Today was the village fair and she had been asked if she would do some readings for charity, it was for a good cause so she willingly accepted.  Cassy hadn’t done readings for some time in public, she wasn’t sure she was up to it after the embarrassment of being called a fraud in the local paper by that reporter.   She had toyed with the request for a while when she was initially asked, but reasoned what was the harm, it was for charity anyway.

Cassy had retrieved her crystal ball and bits and pieces from the box in the back bedroom the night before.  She had put them away after the article was posted through her door, she didn’t want to be seen as the oddity in the village.  That had been several months ago and now she had been asked to get them out again.  She did hope it wasn’t just to mock, she didn’t want to ask the cards if it was a mistake to go ahead, she wasn’t even sure she could anymore.

These last few months had been difficult, the long dark evenings and on her own again.   It would be good to be out again today, mixing with people.  She would love to find some friends here in the village, to hope for anything else was beyond her wildest dreams.

The fate was well under way before Cassy had her first customer, she had been sitting head lowered in a dreamy state when someone sat down in front of her.  She looked up and caught the playful twinkle in his eyes, she held her breath for just a moment longer.   ‘I know this is just for fun, but would you give me a reading’ he said smiling across at her.  Cassy handed him the cards, knowing even before she turned them over this guy was going to be special.

The Cane

‘Your just too soft on them’ she blurted out ‘How will they ever learn right from wrong if you always let them lull about like that?’ She wouldn’t usually have got involved but this was just too much to bare, they were out of control and downright messy to say the least. They needed boundaries, they needed to be pointed in the right direction, he just wasn’t doing them any favours at all.

Last year they had lined up neatly, bowed their heads, they were a delight to see. Today they looked a mess, there was no uniform and they were beyond control just sprawling on the ground as they were. It was disgraceful and more than that it wasn’t fair that she had to look out at them all day!

Frank didn’t say anything, just chewed on that cigar butt and looked out over the garden. He had switched off, he wasn’t listening, she would have to show him it was the only way he would get it. She didn’t want to appear cruel telling him how horrid they were but you had to be cruel to be kind and he needed some help.

Sandra disappeared into the kitchen, returning moments later with a book in her hand. This will help, just follow the instructions and use the cane like it says, if you do what it says you will have a fine, tidy line of perfect green beans in no time at all’.




My mother took my hand last night. She led me to a place of being, where I could just be still and rest in that stillness.

I could see her hand but no more, I followed because I could feel and I trusted in that. I understood her intent, although we did not speak. I knew there was no need for words.

I sat and just was. I didn’t think, I didn’t look around, I just was. I was everything there ever was and everything that will ever be.

I accepted and was and here today, I am.

The Find



Ella saw the carpet at the car boot sale. It was draped across a chest of draws, there was something about it that drew her in. On inspection it was covered in dust, but it kind of spoke to her.  She could see the rich reds underneath the dust and grime, it spoke of adventures.

A man who had come along to the stall after Ella was also trying to look at the carpet, but she was there first and therefore had first dibs. ‘There is a beautiful carpet over the way too’ he said, pointing off across the boot sale, ‘Why don’t you take a look if you like carpets’.  Well there are no flies on Ella and this was all she needed to give her the push  to make up her mind.  Ella paid £40 for the carpet, as that was the very lowest the trader would accept and left it with him to continue her walk around the boot sale.  It was meant to be she thought to herself, she never had more than a few pounds on her when she visited the boot sale, she came for a walk in the sun and a rummage usually.  Today she just happened to have the money she owed her sister in her purse.

When Ella returned later to collect the carpet, the trader laughed as he told her the other guy was really upset to have missed out on the carpet.  He knew all about it from its markings, he knew it was a good carpet and knew the region it was made, he had been furious to be beaten on this find.  The trader told her he now thought he had been mistaken to let it go so cheaply, Ella laughed and shook his hand as she left with the carpet.  Luckily she had help from her friend carrying it across the boot sale to where the car was parked.  She noticed the guy who had wanted the carpet too, and the scowl on his face as he saw her with her prize.

Laid on the floor in her lounge it was clear it needed a clean but even so she could see it was meant to be.  It fitted perfectly with her decor, it almost appeared that the furniture around it had been placed there afterwards to compliment it.  Ella thought this was a little like her life at the moment with pieces slotting in finally to where they were supposed to.

Later, after much scrubbing and vacuuming Ella looked at her beautiful carpet and sighed. she was really happy she got out of bed to go to the boot sale this morning.  Ella grabbed a cushion, lit a candle and laid out on her new carpet.  As she did she had a funny feeling that she had come home, how strange she thought as she dropped off in exhaustion on the  floor with her hand gently stoking the weave of the rug.

Ella’s dreams were beautiful, she travelled the universe and understood it was meant to be.


Daily Word Prompt – Orderly

Ron was about as orderly as they come, slightly over the top some might say. He put it down to his time in the forces, whatever it was he liked everything to be spick and span.

He surveyed the apartment one more time and smiled, everything was gleaming as it should. He could see his face in the taps and the sink was dry and polished, not a single water mark in sight but he buffed it again all the same.

He was waiting for Miriam to arrive, she hadn’t been to his home before and he wanted to show her how well he looked after himself. He had always been the same, even when his wife was alive he took charge of the housework. That had been their deal, she did the cooking and ironing and he took care of the house. She had been a wonderful cook, she could make something from nothing all right, they didn’t need to splash out on fancy ingredients. Everybody commented on her skill in the kitchen, it had been difficult adjusting after she went. He was getting better as time went on and tonight he would be cooking for Miriam.

Ron thought he would sit Miriam in the leather chair, save the job of puffing the cushions. He would sit opposite and the could enjoy an aperitif before dinner.

He thought about the music he had chosen, he didn’t want to put it on until after the taxi had left the complex, this way just the right track would be playing when she arrived. Ron looked down to the parking lot but no sign of a taxi yet.

It wasn’t long before the door knocked, Ron was confused he hadn’t heard a taxi.  He hurried over to the stereo and pressed play before having one more check of himself in the mirror and opening the door.  Miriam was standing there somewhat windswept with a dripping umbrella in her hand.  ‘I thought I would walk, clear the cobwebs’ she said, giving him a peck on the cheek and walking past him into the apartment.  Miriam still had her umbrella in her hand and it was dripping all over his freshly polished floors.  Ron quickly relieved her of the umbrella and and pointed her towards the leather chair as planned.  ‘What a beautiful apartment’ Miriam said.  ‘If you don’t mind I would rather sit on the couch, it looks so lovely and comfortable with all those cushions to support ones back’.  Ron screamed silently, he hadn’t sat on the sofa in a year, the cushions were heavy and he wasn’t getting any younger. ‘Of course’ Ron obliged, knowing he should have been faster.

Ron prepared drinks and nibbles and brought them over to the sitting area on a tray.  He purposefully left the tray on the glass coffee table, to protect it from ring marks and crumbs.  Miriam, must have missed this as she pushed the tray slightly to put her glass down on the table.  Miriam told Ron she had brought some photos along to show him and popped her bruschetta on the side to dig into her handbag.  Ron watched as the oil and glass met, he missed what she was saying as she handed him the photo.

Miriam said she would like to use the bathroom before dinner and Ron pointed the way, quickly wiping the table with his nicely ironed hanky chief as soon as she was out of eyesight.  Ron listened as the taps in the bathroom ran and thought about the splashes, thought about the fresh clean towels now creased.

Maybe it was too early to consider lady friends he thought, after all his wife had only been gone six years.

Password to Life

Michael entered the password numerous times, in every format possible. He knew his password for goodness sake, why wouldn’t it work! He tried it in countless ways, big B, little b and with a 4 and then a 7 but to no avail.

This was ridiculous, he slammed his palm on the table. It wasn’t him, it must be the other party’s end, that, or he’d been hacked!  Michael let out a loud groan and held his head in his hands in despair.

‘Is there something wrong my dear?’ Michael looked up to find a woman standing over the table. Michael had forgotten he was in a cafe, he had come to try and see if he would have any more luck with a faster internet connection.  She looked about his age, maybe a little younger as she still had a softness about her.

‘Oh I’m sorry, I forgot where I was, it’s this damn contraption that’s driving me crazy’, he mumbled pointing at his iPad. I’m trying to top up my Skype credit so I can talk to someone, I wanted to call my son in Indonesia, but it won’t recognise my password. I don’t think I’ve changed it but maybe I did and forgot as I sometimes do.  Please do sit down, I am so terribly sorry for my outburst, let me buy you a cup of tea’.

Mary sat down and smiled across the table at Michael ‘perhaps I can help you remember, let me think.  I believe that most of my own passwords are connected to memories of my life.  I think from speaking to friends they are usually connected to ones life, an event, place, name or number with significance.   I know they recommend you shouldn’t do this but my memory just isn’t what it was’.

Michael nodded in agreement, ‘I have tried most of the places where I have lived, I have used these before but that just doesn’t seem to be working.  I have also tried my children’s names and businesses I have had, but the password eludes me’. Michael thought once more about what the password could be.  ‘I’m sure it is Mississippi and a year, but the year escapes me.’  Michael thought about his time in the US with his wife, they had a wonderful time wherever they went, she had told him she had loved their life together before she died.   Michael was lonely, he depended on his iPad to be in touch with people, he knew probably drove them mad, but it was better than loneliness.

‘Tell me a little about your life, we might come up with the password if we are lucky’ Mary suggested.  So Michael spoke and Mary listened, laughing at times and dabbing her eyes at others.  Mary shared some of her own life stories, it was so good to talk to someone she thought.

They were the last to leave the cafe, arranging to meet the next day and talk some more.  Both had smiles on their faces as they parted, they had thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon.

Later that evening when the iPad beeped to indicate a Skype call coming in, Michael was able to tell his son about the lovely afternoon with his new friend.  He told him about how he had been reminiscing and remembered things he hadn’t thought of in years.  Michael said he would be meeting Mary the following day and wanted to take along some photographs.  He didn’t stay on the call as long as he usually did and when it ended, strangely he didn’t feel sad.

It wasn’t until much later he realised he still hadn’t remembered his password.

Day out with a Bang

Daily Post Prompt – Fork


We never know what is just in front of us, what could happen that will change the course of events.

This was brought home to me today, when I met my friend for a girly catch up at a shopping centre. I needed to get an outfit for a wedding, a special wedding, so I wanted it to be something lovely. The plan was to stop for some lunch and then wonder around the shops to get the perfect outfit, hopefully a lovely floaty dress, maybe a cheeky glass of wine.

Linda, my best friend, had her foster child with her as the day centre was closed. That was okay with me I love Anne, I’ve know her years. We met her when we were both working with her when she was seven. It wasn’t very long before Linda knew she could give her a home and now Anne is twenty-three. Anne has special needs and brain damage from her early life experiences, along with this she has epilepsy. Anne functions at around four years old but we know how to meet her needs and help her feel safe.

We had a lovely lunch time chat and Anne had a big bowl of chocolate ice cream. I got some nice photos of her, which is hard as she puts on a false smile if she thinks her photo is being taken. The photos were so nice we thought we would pop along to the photo shop to get them printed off. Only first we would quickly pop into the Nespresso shop to try some of their different flavours.

We were chatting to the assistant about the various flavours when, crash Anne had a huge seizure, fell off a stool we had missed her climbing on, and banged her head on the marble floor. The sound of the crack of her head was terrifying and everybody ran over. A big pool of dark red blood seeped from the back of her head onto the marble floor, I was horrified, we were all horrified. As much as I wanted to help and I did, I hate the sight of blood, it makes me faint. I crouched down next to her trying to comfort her as much as I could while we waited for the ambulance.

Passers by rushed to help, a lovely mother and daughter who stayed throughout, mopping the blood, holding her hand and talking to her. They had been shopping for a dress for the daughter who had a big night out planned. They were wonderful people and told us helping Anne was far more important. The shop closed their doors and put screens up in front, they were just amazing, they even passed around espressos.

Anne was taken to hospital over an hour later, it’s amazing how long it takes for them to arrive and treat a patient on the scene. I kissed Anne and Linda goodbye and said I would call them later and headed for my car. I thought about how quickly things can change. There could be a fork in the road for all of us hidden from view and ready to knock us off of our feet, we never really know what is ahead.

I saw a shop and dashed in a bought a dress for an extortionate amount of money. ‘Who knows what is around the corner’ I told the assistant as she wrapped it in tissue. I hope the young girl who helps has a fantastic night out tonight.

I just spoke to Anne on the telephone, she is feeling much better and is on the way home with the two large cuts on her head repaired. I hate to think what could have happened today, it could have been so much worse.

I was jolly on the phone and sang her ‘Humpty Dumpty’.