My Prophecy


Oh my friend, if you are longing to be written on, become a blank page ~ Rumi

I’m not sure if I am a prophet, probably not although I have always been very psychic.  I can tell what people are thinking when I’m in their company and know instantly what people think about me.  I’m very open so I think I scare people initially and they have difficulty trusting me, especially if they are closed themselves.

I’ve had dreams that have come true on occasion too, like the night my friends father died.  I didn’t know about this but in the middle of the night I dreamt that I was standing with her on the estate that we grew up on cuddling her as she broke down.  The next morning I telephoned mum who still lived on that estate fifty odd miles away and she had exactly the same dream!  It wasn’t long after I received a call to say my friends father had passed over and it wasn’t much longer before I was cuddling her for real.

Mum and I often linked into each other, for example knowing she was on the other end of the phone or one of us getting the urge to telephone the other when things were bad.  We were very close but we seemed to know what the other was thinking.  It’s funny but not strange that I still hear her talking to me now a year and a half after her death.

As a child I was probably far more psychic or weird, whichever way you look at it.  I had an invisible friend, I’ve written about her on here before and I used to tell the future without knowing what I was doing.  I fancied myself as a gipsy and read the tea leaves and cards as a very young child.  Then the kids on the estate thought it would be funny to put grass down my back whilst chanting ‘burn the witch’ and I stopped being different and conformed.  I was a sheep for quite a few years after that although always had a fascination with anything esoteric.

I’m weird again now, I’ve reached an age where I’m comfortable with myself and don’t care what people think (that’s a lie, I really want to be liked).   I collect crystals, read the cards, talk to the dead and delve into all sorts of weird and wonderful things.  I’ve had a past life regression and attended all sorts of healing and energy workshops.  There’s no stopping me now, I think there is far more to heaven and earth than we will ever understand.

I think we all have the potential to be psychic, to tune into other realms if only we stopped and listened.  How ever far fetched, weird or wonderful our instincts are, they are there to give us glimpses of possibilities and help us along the way.  Have you ever known that however bad something seemed at the time, it would work out.  I bet it did if it was meant to be and I bet it was beautiful.

I’m not sure if we should foretell the future, perhaps it’s best left to unfold as it should, but for this post and for fun here is my prophecy   and you can tell me if I’m a prophet or not!

Everything is going to be okay, you will get to where you are meant to be.  

The challenges that you face are your lessons and they have been waiting to greet you.  These challenges are part of your pathway in life and they will take you to the next level of your spiritual development.  Which ever path brought you to where you are now is the right path and the people you have met on the way, whatever your memories of them are the people that have helped you to recognise your true self, they were always meant to be.  Accept your life for all its ups and downs and know that it is precious as you are.

Life is eternal and so are you, so be your magnificent self and dance your way along the path.

We all see the same sun and moon, wherever we are, they connect us and we can never be alone when we look at them. 

The number twenty three is important, I don’t know why but I keep seeing it all the time, are you seeing it too?

The answer to your question is love…




No time for Sagas


What a palaver, you go on and on, of the days long ago when you were strong.

Fabricated stories, great wars and love, please shut up, ‘dear god above’.

Don’t give me your tales, of woe and strife, I simply don’t need them in my life.

Heroic tales of days gone by, I don’t want to hear, they won’t make me cry.

There are those that will listen, invite you in, those who are bored and somewhat dim.

Yes, some will listen, with mouths a gasp, tell your tale there, no need to be fast.

Hastily now, take your big yarns away, be off with your saga without delay.

Death Songs


I collect death songs. Death songs are what I call my friends and families funeral songs, I think it important we get it right and therefore they have to choose what they want played. A song that is just right for everybody coming in, a song for the coffin entering and so on through the service.

These death song lists are kept on my iPhone notes under headings like ‘David Dead’ and ‘Laura Dead’. Each friend gets to choose five songs each and they go along with this to keep me entertained. I take it quite seriously, much to everybody’s amusement. My sister gets me, it was her that started it in the first place. Mum chose her own funeral music and even decided on the guest list, there were people who would not have been welcome. The music was perfect and because she chose it I often play these songs when I’m thinking of her.

There are some real tear jerkers in there among my friends songs and some hilarious ones like ‘I know it’s over, The Smiths and Try Not to Breath, REM. I must tell you now, most of these people are only in their early fifties and could well have another thirty or forty years. A lot of them might well outlive me so it will be important for me to hand these songs over on time.

I think people go along with me as I say, either choose your songs or I will sing one for you. Now it is a well known fact that I can’t sing, I love to but I can’t. My dream is to learn to sing on the quiet and create a video to sing for my friends one last time!

What are your five songs?

The Foundation

Take a deep breath in and release. Watch closely as one by one, on each breath, the cares of the day are let go. Feel that moment of stillness, feel the silence around you and know you are at one with the universe.

Any thoughts that pop up for you, acknowledge and let them pass you by, watch as they dissolve into nothingness.


Now see a staircase in front of you, create the staircase. The steps can be made of whatever you wish, visualise it now. Know that there are ten steps and you are on the top step. Slowly now, step down.





Five, you are half way now..






Now you step from the staircase you find yourself in a field, a summer meadow, full with colourful wild flowers. Look at the tiny heads blowing softly in the wind. What colour stands out for you?

On the other side of the field, there is a seat. You know what the seat looks like, it’s your seat. On the seat there is a brick. I want you to take a seat, lift the brick and put it onto your lap. I want you to look closely at your brick, what is it made of, it could be stone or maybe it’s a crystal, it’s your brick only you know.

This brick is your foundation stone, you are going to lay it, this is your foundation to your future. I’m going to leave you to this task but think carefully about where the stone should be laid, lay it and do it with ceremony. Leave a marker so that you can return again when you feel the need.


You have a few minutes now and then I want you to come back to your body. When your ready open your eyes, move your hands and feet and feel your connection to the earth.

Does anyone have anything they wish to share?