Password to Life

Michael entered the password numerous times, in every format possible. He knew his password for goodness sake, why wouldn’t it work! He tried it in countless ways, big B, little b and with a 4 and then a 7 but to no avail.

This was ridiculous, he slammed his palm on the table. It wasn’t him, it must be the other party’s end, that, or he’d been hacked!  Michael let out a loud groan and held his head in his hands in despair.

‘Is there something wrong my dear?’ Michael looked up to find a woman standing over the table. Michael had forgotten he was in a cafe, he had come to try and see if he would have any more luck with a faster internet connection.  She looked about his age, maybe a little younger as she still had a softness about her.

‘Oh I’m sorry, I forgot where I was, it’s this damn contraption that’s driving me crazy’, he mumbled pointing at his iPad. I’m trying to top up my Skype credit so I can talk to someone, I wanted to call my son in Indonesia, but it won’t recognise my password. I don’t think I’ve changed it but maybe I did and forgot as I sometimes do.  Please do sit down, I am so terribly sorry for my outburst, let me buy you a cup of tea’.

Mary sat down and smiled across the table at Michael ‘perhaps I can help you remember, let me think.  I believe that most of my own passwords are connected to memories of my life.  I think from speaking to friends they are usually connected to ones life, an event, place, name or number with significance.   I know they recommend you shouldn’t do this but my memory just isn’t what it was’.

Michael nodded in agreement, ‘I have tried most of the places where I have lived, I have used these before but that just doesn’t seem to be working.  I have also tried my children’s names and businesses I have had, but the password eludes me’. Michael thought once more about what the password could be.  ‘I’m sure it is Mississippi and a year, but the year escapes me.’  Michael thought about his time in the US with his wife, they had a wonderful time wherever they went, she had told him she had loved their life together before she died.   Michael was lonely, he depended on his iPad to be in touch with people, he knew probably drove them mad, but it was better than loneliness.

‘Tell me a little about your life, we might come up with the password if we are lucky’ Mary suggested.  So Michael spoke and Mary listened, laughing at times and dabbing her eyes at others.  Mary shared some of her own life stories, it was so good to talk to someone she thought.

They were the last to leave the cafe, arranging to meet the next day and talk some more.  Both had smiles on their faces as they parted, they had thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon.

Later that evening when the iPad beeped to indicate a Skype call coming in, Michael was able to tell his son about the lovely afternoon with his new friend.  He told him about how he had been reminiscing and remembered things he hadn’t thought of in years.  Michael said he would be meeting Mary the following day and wanted to take along some photographs.  He didn’t stay on the call as long as he usually did and when it ended, strangely he didn’t feel sad.

It wasn’t until much later he realised he still hadn’t remembered his password.

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