Butterfly Net

I’m a lover of nature and a little spiritual, on the rare occasion I might be a social butterfly and a blogger.   The internet gets a lot of criticism but it’s not all bad, it can transform people.  Those people who might be sitting at home alone and lonely, becoming involved in a community such as this. People liking their work, liking posts and making comments.  My new name for this thing we are involved in is Butterfly Net, butterfly for transformation, net I think you get  😉

~ Liza


Visits to my Blog

I wake up in the morning 

and I see your names again.

You’ve liked me while I’m sleeping, 

I’m so very glad you came.

It’s so lovely having followers, 

from all over the place.

Those ones that keep returning, 

it’s so good to see your face.

It’s funny how the times of day, 

brings different folk to me.

I wonder what you’ve created,

I will certainly look and see.

Now I think about the world, 

the very different points of view.

The amazing similarities, 

of what we feel is true.

The artists, writers, poets, 

philosophers and such.

Really quite connected, 

well I’m thinking pretty much.

Today there’ll be those closer, 

who live in the same time zone.

You very special people, 

those closer to my home.

But I want to thank the lot of you, 

who come to visit me.

I’m on my writing journey, 

And so glad that you come to see.


I’m following you, 

as I like what you say.

Some of those words, 

stay with me for days.

Turning over and over, 

while I work my thoughts out.

Then occasionally I don’t get, 

what your talking about.

But that’s why I follow, 

your working my mind.

Interesting posts being rare, 

and so hard to find.

Keep me entertained, 

please write me some more.

The ideas that you have, 

I chew over and store.

You really enchant me, 

I think it’s your brain.

I will keep on returning, 

again and again. 

I might not make comment, 

just click on the like.

But that doesn’t mean, 

it wasn’t alright. 

It’s just that I’m thinking, 

you do that to me.

My own ideas change, 

I wish you could see.

Don’t follow me back, 

if I don’t stimulate you

It would be nice if you did, 

but not really true.  🙂


I’ve noticed that I occasionally get likes thirty seconds after posting something.  I find this hilarious as clearly the follower hasn’t even read what I have to say.  It’s not that it’s unfinished, it’s not even started!

I suppose the follow and subsequent ‘like’ is so that I will ‘like’ in return.  It has the opposite effect on me, I’m less inclined to read what they might have written immediately, although if I genuinely like their blog and posts I will still go back there.  I read and follow because I like what people have to say, they interest and inspire me.  Yes, it does encourage me to look at what someone else is writing when they appreciate my work, that’s how I’ve found so many great blogs, it does work, but at least give it five minutes so I know (or think) you have read and considered before liking my work.

Funny isn’t it how we interact on social media, like kids in a playground sometimes.  ‘I’ll like you if you like me’ or ‘you can come to my birthday party if I’m invited to yours’.  It doesn’t really bother me, it humours me if anything.  I do like social media, I’m on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and I do like validation but only if I believe it to be genuine.

This is also a good lesson for me when I get excited because I have notification of a record number of ‘likes’ in a day or reaching so many followers.  Life is so false sometimes, I have to remember the reason I do write, because I love it, it makes me happy and helps me work myself out.  Likes and followers are a bonus but not the main objective, comments on the other hand are great and positive ones fill me with happiness  😉

Just so you know, I follow you because I like your work, art, photography, recipes and travel tips.  You inspire me and add to my life in that you share yours with me.