Your First or Favourite Post

I never have time to go back and read through all of your posts, I try to read daily and I really hope I don’t miss anything special.

I recently republished my first ever post.  I would love to read either your first or favourite post. So if you follow my blog, why not share a post that you particularly like in the comments section or like me why not share your first post with the reason you started blogging. Either way I would love to know why you chose the post. 

Blogging is about the community as much as our writing or art and being interested in what others have to say or show is all part of the blogging journey.

I will enjoy this if you share and it’s a good way to get to know my blogging community better and share with each other. 😊

I might be setting myself up here for an all night or week long reading session but I promise I will read if you post however long that might take 😉



I’m following you, 

as I like what you say.

Some of those words, 

stay with me for days.

Turning over and over, 

while I work my thoughts out.

Then occasionally I don’t get, 

what your talking about.

But that’s why I follow, 

your working my mind.

Interesting posts being rare, 

and so hard to find.

Keep me entertained, 

please write me some more.

The ideas that you have, 

I chew over and store.

You really enchant me, 

I think it’s your brain.

I will keep on returning, 

again and again. 

I might not make comment, 

just click on the like.

But that doesn’t mean, 

it wasn’t alright. 

It’s just that I’m thinking, 

you do that to me.

My own ideas change, 

I wish you could see.

Don’t follow me back, 

if I don’t stimulate you

It would be nice if you did, 

but not really true.  🙂