Your First or Favourite Post

I never have time to go back and read through all of your posts, I try to read daily and I really hope I don’t miss anything special.

I recently republished my first ever post.  I would love to read either your first or favourite post. So if you follow my blog, why not share a post that you particularly like in the comments section or like me why not share your first post with the reason you started blogging. Either way I would love to know why you chose the post. 

Blogging is about the community as much as our writing or art and being interested in what others have to say or show is all part of the blogging journey.

I will enjoy this if you share and it’s a good way to get to know my blogging community better and share with each other. 😊

I might be setting myself up here for an all night or week long reading session but I promise I will read if you post however long that might take πŸ˜‰


21 thoughts on “Your First or Favourite Post”

  1. Tree
    October 5, 2016, posted in Poetry

    The tree of memories sat and watched
    Listening closely though gnarly and notched
    To the woman’s story of heartbreak and sorrow
    Begging pleading for a better tomorrow
    One in which the pain was eased
    The burden carried, somehow appeased
    The love of her life was gone forever
    Down romance’s path she would not endeavour
    So crushed at heart was she
    Impossible a better β€˜morrow see
    In which she would be happy again
    Free from enveloping pain
    A timeless tale of love and loss
    Their paths not meant to cross
    And still that great old tree
    Was deeply moved by heart felt plea
    She witnessed this event a thousand times
    It would always strike her as such a crime
    Her unending solitude spent listening
    Providing shelter under leaves glistening
    In mute silence she would stand
    Unable to hold out a helping hand
    And yet to her for comfort they come
    Knowing here they are forever welcome
    They find solace on bent knee
    Nestled beneath this old tree.

    My favourite poem, it was a tie so I have to add the other one.
    September 7, 2016, posted in Daily, Poetry
    Twas late, with shadows all round
    Crunchy leaves lay on the ground
    I pulled my coat close feeling the bite
    The first signs of Autumn amid starlight
    I set my gaze upon the ink black sky
    Not a soul to be found anywhere near by
    My delight was surely complete
    As the heavens glowed I took a seat
    Far above twinkle a myriad stars
    Some seemed close and others so far
    A delightful conversation above
    Perhaps a gentle whisper of love
    Many declarations bold and bright
    Proclaimed so proudly in twinkling light
    If only I could understand the language they spoke
    Perhaps a story of innocence bespoke
    Stories as ancient as the passing of time
    Captured then displayed so sublime
    Perhaps they twinkle a whisper of things yet to come
    A symphony of music joyous and welcome
    A feast for our eyes to behold
    As many stories before us unfold.

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    1. I love them both! But my favourite has to be the old tree. It is beautiful so full of love and sadness, I can feel its branches heavy with the burden of all it has to carry, loved, loved it. I’m so pleased I did this because I would never have found them😊 Thanks for joining in Phyllis 😊


      1. Your welcome Liza, I loved that poem too. It spoke volumes. and if it weren’t presumptuous there is a daily other than poems that I love. Too much if I add it? I don’t want to monopolize either, but

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      2. Its true. Even though I loved my novel which has now sold 4 woot copies, when I look back (since first joining wordpress in July) I realize the changes I would now make lol hindsight or knowledge? hmmm

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