I’m following you, 

as I like what you say.

Some of those words, 

stay with me for days.

Turning over and over, 

while I work my thoughts out.

Then occasionally I don’t get, 

what your talking about.

But that’s why I follow, 

your working my mind.

Interesting posts being rare, 

and so hard to find.

Keep me entertained, 

please write me some more.

The ideas that you have, 

I chew over and store.

You really enchant me, 

I think it’s your brain.

I will keep on returning, 

again and again. 

I might not make comment, 

just click on the like.

But that doesn’t mean, 

it wasn’t alright. 

It’s just that I’m thinking, 

you do that to me.

My own ideas change, 

I wish you could see.

Don’t follow me back, 

if I don’t stimulate you

It would be nice if you did, 

but not really true.  🙂

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