Butterfly Net

I’m a lover of nature and a little spiritual, on the rare occasion I might be a social butterfly and a blogger.   The internet gets a lot of criticism but it’s not all bad, it can transform people.  Those people who might be sitting at home alone and lonely, becoming involved in a community such as this. People liking their work, liking posts and making comments.  My new name for this thing we are involved in is Butterfly Net, butterfly for transformation, net I think you get  😉

~ Liza


Thought Shower

The whimsical ramblings on my blog site,

mainly assist me to see the world right.

To process my feelings, work out what’s inside,
these deep set emotions I often can’t hide.

I feel invisible here, it’s a safe place to be,

not many of you would know the real me.
But that’s an illusion, I just worked that out,
as twitter is linked, I will soon be found out.
Do I really care, is this my real truth,
to be appreciated  as me and like myself too.
I’m enjoying myself and making new friends,

the benefits of blogging don’t seem to end.