Visits to my Blog

I wake up in the morning 

and I see your names again.

You’ve liked me while I’m sleeping, 

I’m so very glad you came.

It’s so lovely having followers, 

from all over the place.

Those ones that keep returning, 

it’s so good to see your face.

It’s funny how the times of day, 

brings different folk to me.

I wonder what you’ve created,

I will certainly look and see.

Now I think about the world, 

the very different points of view.

The amazing similarities, 

of what we feel is true.

The artists, writers, poets, 

philosophers and such.

Really quite connected, 

well I’m thinking pretty much.

Today there’ll be those closer, 

who live in the same time zone.

You very special people, 

those closer to my home.

But I want to thank the lot of you, 

who come to visit me.

I’m on my writing journey, 

And so glad that you come to see.