Finding Ourselves

In this busy world, take a few moments and find yourself in nature.  Immerse yourself in the silence of nature, let the colours and smells guide you to your most natural state of being, find your amongst the flowers and trees.  

~ Liza







Discover – DP

Sometimes it’s only by going in the wrong direction for a while that we discover the right path.  We can, if we look, all find the mistakes that eventually led us to the right place.  When we look at life like this we find there are no right or wrongs really, just lessons.

~ Liza



Daily Prompt – Discover

A Broken System

Everything is breaking down, 

breaking out of what was.  

The system doesn’t work at all, 

it’s intrinsically full of flaws.

Everything that has always been, 

won’t last and it’s falling apart.

To put things back and together,

change right now is smart.

Boundaries have moved along,

we are waking up to the truth.

Not those islands we once were,

loosing the fear of our youths.

The time has come to live in truth,

start living more from our hearts.

Each and every human on earth,

might need to make a fresh start.

And so the days are waking up,

the darkness is not here anymore.

An urgency to change right now,

if not we know what’s in store.



Nature Lessons 120

Does the blade of grass  see itself as separate from the field, or does it recognise itself as the field.  When we continue to see ourselves as separate from anything else we become stuck, we are  absorbed in the self.  When we recognise our connection to all things we begin to understand our place in all things, we are then at one with the world and flow with the universe.

~ Liza




I just started writing my list of all the things I would do if I won the lottery or came into a significant sum of money.  I need quite a big win as I have at least 7 houses or flats to buy.  These are for the people I love, either pay off a mortgage or buy a place, my son certainly needs one.  I also have to put three children through college and university, there is a plus sign after that, not sure what the plus is yet though.

For me, I want to start a retreat in Spain, I would live on the top floor and the rest of it would be open.  I would buy a big old casa / farmhouse in beautiful land and offer spiritual retreats and workshops.  It would be a charity so cost dependent on circumstances.  I want to bring more love and awareness into the world and it shouldn’t be only for those that can afford it.

I thought about starting a hospice, somewhere beautiful to die, with people trained to support that journey, does that sound crazy?  Then I need to do something for those going through trauma, that’s a big part of who I am.

This all started by me writing a list of what I could buy my sister if I came into some money, initially a Vitamix and cordless vacuum then I continued writing…….

I’m going to need a fortune!

Daily Prompt – Fortune