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Sometimes it’s only by going in the wrong direction for a while that we discover the right path.  We can, if we look, all find the mistakes that eventually led us to the right place.  When we look at life like this we find there are no right or wrongs really, just lessons.

~ Liza



Daily Prompt – Discover

13 thoughts on “Discover – DP”

      1. So many thoughts rush through while I read these few lines from you. It’s like going back and forth and then trying to find a path that can settle the pace of the journey for once according to the heart’s calling. That’s my interpretation of the piece you wrote.

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      2. I like your interpretation very much. For me I was thinking about how I think I arrive by mistake, but really I’m led by something else. Everything is as it should be, we just think we are walking the path and making the choices. However we get there, we get there 🙂

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  1. I agree. I think things are predestined. We have choices, but that just changed the path to the destined. It can make the path longer, windier, steeper, or shorter and direct. Regardless we end up in the space we were meant to be. Love this.

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