I just started writing my list of all the things I would do if I won the lottery or came into a significant sum of money.  I need quite a big win as I have at least 7 houses or flats to buy.  These are for the people I love, either pay off a mortgage or buy a place, my son certainly needs one.  I also have to put three children through college and university, there is a plus sign after that, not sure what the plus is yet though.

For me, I want to start a retreat in Spain, I would live on the top floor and the rest of it would be open.  I would buy a big old casa / farmhouse in beautiful land and offer spiritual retreats and workshops.  It would be a charity so cost dependent on circumstances.  I want to bring more love and awareness into the world and it shouldn’t be only for those that can afford it.

I thought about starting a hospice, somewhere beautiful to die, with people trained to support that journey, does that sound crazy?  Then I need to do something for those going through trauma, that’s a big part of who I am.

This all started by me writing a list of what I could buy my sister if I came into some money, initially a Vitamix and cordless vacuum then I continued writing…….

I’m going to need a fortune!

Daily Prompt – Fortune



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