Nature Lessons 125

A cold frost can be hard, like the cold spells in life that are just too much for some. But after the frost with the first warmth of the sun things can start to look better. Eventually the sun will always burn through, life will always keep on giving if we trust.

~ Liza


19 thoughts on “Nature Lessons 125”

      1. I know, but it is interesting, 2016 was a 9, which is endings and I think that was the case, 2017 new beginnings. Big shifts are happening for lots of people, I’m reading lots about it. Most of my friends think I’m mad! Suppose they are not too far off 😉

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      2. Your not mad at all, your open to things and that’s brilliant ❤️I felt like I needed to redesign my site and get rid of lots of photos that I’ve used before. I welcome change. I am going to read up on numerology 😉🌟💫✨


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