The Great Flower Show

When we first plant a flower, 

our wish is that it will grow.

With nurture and love in abundance, 

it’s spirit should start to show.

Ensuring that all its emotions, 

are balanced with care that we give.

Giving it room to maneuver,

to spread itself out as it lives.

But what of the one in the wild woods,

trapped in among the weeds.

Fighting for its very existence,

an accident of blowing seeds.

This child of the flower kingdom,

born into a life full of tests.

Smothered by those that surround it,

in soil that’s not really the best.

Come the end of the season,

when it’s time for the great flower show.

Which one will receive adoration,

the one loved or struggling to grow.

Nature is full of examples, 

of tests that are lessons to me.

When I watch as that small flower struggles,

it’s not really all that I see.