Where would you go?



Imagine if there really was no such thing as time, everything was and is happening at this precise moment in some form and you could go anywhere, where would you go? If I could take you somewhere, back in the past or into the future, where would it be?  A past life maybe, somewhere to perhaps remember the lessons of that life or into the future to see where you might end up in say five or ten years or even into a future life.  Wouldn’t it be interesting, maybe we would recognise each other in another form or those we know today?

I went for regression therapy myself after my mother died, I couldn’t come to terms with her death and was in a state of grief. It had always been something mum wanted to do herself, on her bucket list so to speak so I thought I’d give it a go myself.  I was taken back in this life, taken just a short while back and then further to the point of my mothers death.  This might sound morbid but it was something I couldn’t allow into my thoughts, I was I suppose in a state of denial. Seeing it again, or rather viewing it from another point of existence sort of made it real for me, I cried buckets as you can imagine but I accepted her death.  I went back further to a teenager, oh how I felt sorry for that poor girl, know all know nothing I think the term is, I loved her anyway, I think she needed that.  I went back to being a toddler, felt the enormous love of my mother and to a baby in the womb listening to my dad sing.  This might seem far fetched to those that won’t allow their minds to travel this way but to me it was cathartic and healing.  Even if my body was just lying on that couch, my mind was able to expand, travel and heal.

I travelled back through other lifetimes, some of no interest, I looked on detached from what I saw.  One woman, who I believed I was, I had no time for, she was bitter and twisted and had wasted her life.  I experienced her as an old woman and felt there was not much else for her to do with that life but die and try again in another life.  I found myself as a doctor in one life, looking at my shoes I was amazed to find myself as a man, he is my favourite so far, he kept a journal of his findings and died with the journal open next to him on the bed.  Would you believe I found him the next day on the internet, he looked exactly the same and when I read about him it was the same as I had learnt during the session, mind blowing!

So what can we get from past lives, I think lots of lessons.  As much as I loved the doctor, loved the fact he wrote and was passionate about his lives work, I also understood his loneliness, he had sacrificed family, never marrying or having children being married to his work.  I learnt from him about balance, to be committed to your work might be wonderful but make room for love.  In this life as much as my career has been important, never more than my love for my family and friends, they will always come out on top.

Recently I’ve been into the future, or the best possible future to how I’m living today.  I’ve been forward five and ten years and it’s fascinating.  I can see potential and possibility, it has given me, above all, hope.  I’ve trained as a Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression (FLP) practitioner now, another tool for my box of tricks and I’m having fun experimenting with my new found skills. If I can help people see possibilities then that has to be good.

I think both the past and future can help us make sense of the present, I think we can understand the lessons in this life that sometimes seem pointless or cruel.  I can see why some people appear to have it all and others nothing at all but do believe in balance as in some way or another, life or lives will even out.

This post is not in any way meant to offend, I’m not pushing any beliefs on anyone as I believe being present in the moment every bit as important, I’m just curious and for me I’ve found these therapies helpful in making sense of now.  So if you could go anywhere in time, where would it be?



25 thoughts on “Where would you go?”

    1. I don’t know the exact answer to that, it would be dependant on how far back you have been, how many past lives you’ve had and what you have to learn from them. People who want to go forward usually have a question, want to know about work, business plans, relationships etc. so usually five to ten years but the possibilities are endless, you could move into future lives, see a distant future and what the world looks like!

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  1. Wow! I didn’t know you were trained in this…it sounds fascinating! I am kinda scared to do it though…because i cant predict what it’d feel like? I admire you for this xx

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  2. I believe we all have had many lives, past and future. so many we could not count them! I have been told about a few of mine, which I believed because they made sense to me and seemed perfectly natural (although I must say, none of them seemed to be easy!) Interesting post!

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    1. I’ve always believed it, I read Edger Casey, Many Lives Many Masters as a child and it made total sense to me back then. My son at about 5 told me out of the blue one day who he had been in his past life, he explained he’d been an American journalist but died after being shot in France – bit far fetched for a little kid to make up I thought. I’ve always known I’ve been around before and like you told of different lives. I’ve found it even more interesting to visit them 😊

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      1. Little kids often have the best memories of past lives. When my niece was about 3 years old, she used to insist she had known me ‘when she was big’ and that we had played music together. Also far fetched for a 3 year old! There have been many stories of children making very accurate historical connections to things they had no way of knowing. All very interesting 🙂

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      2. I once saw a documentary about a little boy who kept insisting he had died in WW2 as a fighter pilot. After a series of circumstances, his parents traveled with him to the place where he claimed the plane actually went down — they were able to trace every historic detail of the boy’s story and it was all true, down to the name of the pilot who had died! There was NO way the little boy could have known any of it. Yes, I am a believer! 🙂

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      3. I saw that documentary, fascinating. There are lots of cases of children remembering past lives, I love to read them but often ask why they come back so soon, I think I’d like a bit more of a break between lives, if I have the choice anyway!

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      4. Yes that sounds possible. I have a slight worry that those I love who have passed might have moved on already, although I also believe they can be in two places at once, I suppose I have to if I believe we can visit different lives. We are not going to know for sure until we get there. I was taken in regression between lives, I was surprised that nobody was waiting for me except a man I thought I knew but not from where!

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      5. Hmmm I wonder who the man could be? Perhaps someone important but from a different life. I absolutely believe that happens too — we cannot know all our soul contacts in one lifetime.

        I was taught that all things are happening simultaneously, so therefore we ARE in more than one place at one time — in other dimensions. Which is sort of hard to understand — much like how shows are broadcast on different networks, but we cannot watch them all at once. But I do believe it is true 🙂

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      6. I’ve seen him in an earlier life too but not in this one YET! I like the explanation using the television channels, that makes it easier to understand when we think about it in frequencies! It is difficult to get your head round and requires trust but even science, quantum physics is suggesting the possibility now. I believe it too, there is certainly more to life than we are capable of knowing at this present moment 😊

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    1. That’s lovely and maybe you could. I know what you mean, I have family photos that smile at me of people I never knew in this life but somehow looking at them I feel I am connected. Another interesting thought is people seem to show up again with each other in past lives, this could be the same for the future too!

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  3. I did the traveling to the past during hypnosis, it’s fascinating 🙂 I have sometimes visions about the future which come true. It changes the way of looking at life and makes it amazing

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