IMG_1365I wish to compare you to a flower.  A beautiful, gentle creature radiating out into the world, with colours so deep, so pure, so animated it is impossible to pass you by.  Waves of silk like petals falling gently to the soft mossy ground around your feet.  Creatures setting to drink and bask in your glory, feeding from your love.

But I also see you are tired now, weary of the world and stooped and frail.  I can see your pain, your struggle to hold yourself above the rest, to hold your head up.  Your weighed down with life, your shrinking now, wilting into a gentle shadow of your previous glory.

Tired now of looking up at the sky, tired of standing tall, of depending on yourself.  You lean forwards, the weight of life weighing heavy and pulling you downwards.  I see  the scars from the burns of the suns rays, burnt and looking for coolness of the moon.

Taking nourishment is difficult for you now, maybe you believe you’ve had your fill, maybe the stiffness of your body, the roughness in your stem prevents you.   Just a sip my love, just wet your lips, one more try before you sleep.


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