It Takes Daring…


It takes some daring, to look at yourself,

clearly, no holds barred.

See the picture others see,

the brightness and the scars.

Inspect ourselves with a critical eye,

not missing anything out.

Stopping where we need to stop,

in attempt to work it out.

It takes some daring, to stand naked,

unprotected from all eyes.

Without the shrouds that cover us,

mistakes and all the lies.

To look beyond the physical self,

look deep into the soul.

See that we’ve not always been,

as focused on the goal.

It takes some daring, to really listen,

to hear what others hear.

Not muffled by our egos,

but hearing loud and clear. 

To listen to our mistakes,

to hear what we got wrong.

It’s so much easier to think about,

the future paths we’re on.