Catapult to the Future

I was catapulted from a cannon,

I’m heading into space,

the catapult was so right for me,

I leave without a trace.

I had walked along a tightrope,

threw skittles in the air,

balanced a ball upon my nose,

while standing on a chair.

The catapult is quick you see,

just sends me right away,

goodbyes are not necessary,

won’t go back another day.

I left the circus in the past,

didn’t much care for the place,

I’ll embrace the world from now,

without a painted face.





Daily Prompt Word – Circus

The circus in town doesn’t appeal to me, for animals I feel should wonder free.

Times you went to see beasts not yet seen, are over now, they can be seen on the screen.

I can see why you might want to see trapeze, yes it’s amazing, I can see it would please.

But the days of big lions, bright tigers and apes, have left us behind now, a big mistake.

Circuses I’m sure were big in the day, but that was now long ago and where it should stay.

Roll up, roll up, now quickly come and see, the discovery channel on your TV.