Nature Lessons 338

Rise like the flower, strive for completeness as you grow, spreading your beauty all around. Let each petal reflect the beauty within your soul, let your colours light up any shade. When you finally reach a place of openness, the whole world will of know your beauty. 

~ Liza




6 thoughts on “Nature Lessons 338”

  1. Sometimes I feel that I’ve ingrown. That I’ve reached an unsatisfying plateau or went backwards in my steady upward build. But I guess that’s part of human growth. It’s up and down but as a whole, always rising. Do you think so?

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    1. Oh yes, the further we go the more we realise how far we have to travel, we think we’ve come so far and then doubt ourselves as a new understanding comes into place. I agree with you, it’s all part of our growth and humanness!

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