Protest – DP


I must protest I have the flu,

the female kind,

what can I do.

I will protest I’m feeling sick,

can’t leave home,

it must go quick.

I won’t protest a little nip,

the brandy dear,

should do the trick.


In response to The Daily Prompt – Protest

I woke up feeling poorly this morning, what stated as a tickle at the back of my throat last night has turned into something else completely.  I have honey, oranges and lemons and a drop of brandy if it comes to it.  My nan used to swear by a drop of brandy to get you back on your feet again, purely medicinal of course!


9 thoughts on “Protest – DP”

  1. Get well soon, I had it before we went to Cornwall. Phyllis suggested honey and lemon in hot water it helped me 🌹❤️️🌹

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