Why Me?


Why me,

I just can’t take any more,

surely I learnt this lesson before.

Why now,

when things are going okay,

please make this horror go away.

It hurts,

it pains, that it’s right now,

I suppose I’ll just have it anyhow.

That’s life,

it’s full of these hidden tests,

and it won’t change if I protest


Life has a way of springing things on us, usually when we are comfortable, perhaps a little to set in our ways.  Probably that’s why, we are not moving, stagnant, life is too easy and we need a little shake up.  It’s happened to me a number of times and I am never prepared, I want to cry and scream and beg for life to just go back to how it was.  But it doesn’t and you know what, there is always a reason, always something for me to learn.  I think I may put a little sign by my bed, reminding me that today could be the day things go wrong.  That way I’ll be prepared and what’s more enjoy every moment of the good times 😉


26 thoughts on “Why Me?”

  1. I truly wish this was explained to me upon entering adulthood. Acceptance of the harsh reality that life is full of mishaps! Not knowing it has made me resent living. But I know it’s a process. I wish your life a smooth transition through these moments.

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      1. It’s funny how we assume that it’s autobiographical. I try not to, since some of my stuff isn’t, but it is my go to assumption. I’m glad you are well (and have some brandy to help with that…)

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  2. Are you sure you have not had brandy already 😳 this post is so real it’s brings back so many memories too. Until I stopped fighting and started accepting things always appeared to be difficult, it not what happens it’s our reaction to it. I never mean to sound like I am preaching, I do understand 😉🙂😉🎅🏻

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