Another Goodbye 

Another friend left here today, 

she won’t be coming home.

She’s gone to pastures yonder, 

where the good souls roam.

I didn’t get a chance to say, 

what she meant to me.

It doesn’t really matter now, 

I suppose that she can see.

It’s her daughter that worries me, 

her grief is so brand new.

She’s numb with shock it’s tragic, 

not sure of what to do.

And the grandson who found her, 

tried to keep her alive.

Bless his heart, I mean it, 

oh, how hard he tried.

Then those family arguments, 

that come at times like this.

When people find another place, 

to put the things they miss.

So my friend if you’re watching, 

believe me they’ll be fine.

They are suffering the loss of you, 

they’ll be needing time.



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