Early Morning Visit

Laying in bed in the early hours, I felt a pressure on the end of the bed, something touched my foot. I didn’t look, l wanted to, but know through past experience nothing is there. The longer I keep my eyes closed and just lay there, the longer it lasts.  

Last year when this happened the pressure moved around for a while, it felt similar to a cat padding through the covers. This was shortly after I lost my cat and I wondered at the time if it was my Eris coming to tell me she was okay.

I don’t know what this pressure thing is but do know it has only happened in the last couple of years. I had two huge bereavements in 2014 that rocked my world.  This activity has only happened since that time.

It doesn’t happen when I’m wide awake but also I know I’m not asleep, I’m in that in between state on just waking.  I think it is a message from someone. Last night it felt like someone sat on the end of the bed, gently brushing against my feet as they did.

I know this would terrify some people but I find it comforting.  I don’t say anything at the time as I explained as I don’t want it to end, so I thought I’d share it as a confirmation of the experience.

Does anyone else have similar things happen to them. Is it our traumatised minds or something else, something we don’t really understand.

Butterflies & Feathers

A butterfly flew in the door, I knew it was my mum.

A visit dancing through, with lots of love and fun.

It’s good to see her flying now, no longer in her chair.

I’m happy that she’s healthy, since stepping over there.


Sometimes she’s a feather, so very light and bright.

She floats on air and drops on me, not a bird in sight.

It’s usually to tell me, that I’m heading the right way.

It’s how she keeps in contact, since she went away.


In winter she’s a robin, with breast of brightest red.

She sits upon the woodpile, sings while I’m in bed.

She’ll always come to see me, I know that to be true.

Until one day, I step behind, that same doorway too.



Nanny’s Visits


My Nanny stands there

at the end of the bed

It’s really quite weird,

because I know she’s dead

But she stands there quite happy

no longer in pain

She tells me she loves me

it’s still just the same

My brother can’t see her

and I’m wondering why

He tells me I’m fakingĀ 

that I’m telling lies

Mummy’s not sure

but she’d like it to be true

She asked me a question

‘Why’s Nan visiting you?’

I couldn’t give her an answer

I wasn’t that sure

I know Mummy’s sad

by not seeing her anymore

She’s not at all frightening

she’s pretty and bright

I see her a lot in the day

and through the night

I like nanny coming

I wish she would stay

Her visits have helped me

since she went away