I remember my first concert, special memories were made that night.

The children caught up in the terror attack in Manchester last night will carry very different memories and these memories will be carried throughout their lives. Some of these children will have been injured, some critically. Some would have witnessed death in the most devastating way, been carried or run from the building in absolute horror or found themselves in hospital. Families were split up, parents looking for children and children looking for their mums and dads, I think we all recogniser the horror of that. Some concert goers thought the noise was the loud bang of a balloon going off, there had been balloons in the show. Those that got away will always remember the day that death nearly stood next to them.

Concerts will never be the same, they will be full of memories, they will bring fear. As adults these children will not want to allow their own children the pleasures of attending a concert. Crowds will always hold a hidden threat, it could always happen again and this will be passed on through generations.

Memories were made last night, but not the memories they had hoped for. Some of these children will be traumatised for life, they will suffer terribly and their mental health will be damaged. The child that went to their first concert last night will carry that with them always, but not in the way they had hoped.

Love for the children caught up in the terror of Manchester last night, love for their families and anyone else that had loved ones caught up in the horror of the event. Love also for those that don’t understand me, may you never experience such devastating trauma yourself.


Nanny’s Visits


My Nanny stands there

at the end of the bed

It’s really quite weird,

because I know she’s dead

But she stands there quite happy

no longer in pain

She tells me she loves me

it’s still just the same

My brother can’t see her

and I’m wondering why

He tells me I’m faking 

that I’m telling lies

Mummy’s not sure

but she’d like it to be true

She asked me a question

‘Why’s Nan visiting you?’

I couldn’t give her an answer

I wasn’t that sure

I know Mummy’s sad

by not seeing her anymore

She’s not at all frightening

she’s pretty and bright

I see her a lot in the day

and through the night

I like nanny coming

I wish she would stay

Her visits have helped me

since she went away