True Love



Loves a river that flows to the sea,

loves not tied up between you and me.

Loves embrace does not end with the bends,

love continues and love cannot end.

Loves not ownership or managed by one, 

love is all brightness under the sun.

Loves the answer to all questions out there,

loves the natural capacity to care.

Loves not a book with beginning and end,

Love has no finale on which to depend.

Loves the freedom to have your own say,

Love that is true cannot be swayed. 

Loves the poetry of the oldest of sages,

loves the ink staining the page.

Loves an old mirror as two become one,

Love understands and is never done.

Loves the mystery that has no door,

Love after here continues for sure.

Loves not urgent, there’s plenty of time,

Love has eternity, love is divine.

Urgent – DP

It’s not urgent that I get there, 

just that I’m on my way.

The destinations not in sight,  

it’s for another day. 

But right that I have set out, 

I’m purposely on my path.

I can break along the way, 

it’s fine to have a laugh.

The finish lines is not the goal,

it’s not even a race.

I’m just taking my own time, 

just keeping up the pace.

And if I finally reach the end, 

will I have passed the test.

I suppose that’s not as important 

as if I done my best.