Unpredictable you, your after my lunch

I see that your nearing, I hear pebbles crunch

I know that your beak is as sharp as a claw

But if I give you a bit, I know you’ll want more 

There’s chips over there and fish in the sea

Children with ice creams, you can scoop can’t you see

The beach is so crowded, there’s plenty more food

Stop staring at mine, it’s unpleasantly rude




You are the inspiration that I channel as I write

 In between, when I’m asleep, you visit me at night

Can I convey with accuracy, interpreting as I do

I do my best to express, the messages from you

If only I had bigger words, to get across the point

It worries me a little bit, that I should disappoint

Am I unpredictable, I seem to come and go

But you return to me again, I think that you would know

Are you really truly there, I guess it could be me

A higher self, the one that knows, suppose I’ll wait and see