Mystical Garden




I enter my mystical garden,

when I have enough of life.

Life might get on top of me,

or there is too much strife.

I tread the golden pathway,

to see what it has in store.

I get messages from nature there,

I hope there’s many more.

It’s the garden of awakening,

I leave any doubts at home.

This is a time for contemplation,

I always go there alone.

I’m never alone when I enter,

as the garden comes alive.

It teaches me simplicity,

answers my where’s and why’s.

I’ll tell you how to get there,

if you feel you want to go.

It’s a garden of development,

a place where all souls grows.




Mystical (Confession) -DP

I’m feeding the neighbours cat,

a job I really don’t mind.

But when I went to feed him,

I had hunger on my mind.

A sweet mince pie waved at me,

from far across the room.

My dinner wasn’t ready by then,

it wouldn’t be served up soon.

So I just picked it up and ate it,

the cat looked on in awe.

It was really quite delicious,

I’d better not have any more.

Now how can I explain this,

could be a disappearing pie.

Maybe it was Santa flying in,

while he was passing by.

Or another mystical creature,

one with a very sweet tooth.

I just can’t admit to eating it,

that would be so uncouth.


A confessional response to the Daily Prompt – Mystical