Jump – DP

You really made me jump,

I did not know,

that you might return

after having to go.

But there you were

at the end of the bed,

I thought it strange,

maybe in my head.

Oh how I wish now,

I hadn’t  screamed out loud,

my head was foggy,

just a mass of cloud.

I’m sorry you went,

believing I didn’t care,

I really need you near me

again, just over there.

So now I’m prepared,

I sleep with in dimmed light,

hoping and praying,

you’ll return one night.


Ghost of my Existence 

The ghost of my existence, weighs heavy on my mind.

On what I’ve given to this life, I’m finding hard to find.

I was selfish most the journey, put my own needs first.

If only I had remembered, what I came her for at birth.

Entering my Autumn years, the harvest has show to me.

All the things I should have done and couldn’t really see.

I wish to make amends now, to those whose love endured.

Who loved me despite my selfishness, I need to even score.

I’ll return to you in times of need, I’ll not depart this land.

Until I’ve paid you back in full, I hope you will understand.

Response to daily prompt – Ghost

Ghost – DP



The ghost of all our memories is haunting me inside.

With wails and cries it reaches out, I have no place to hide.

Whistles through my emptiness, jumps into my dreams.

It’s bound to my existence, it pains so much I scream.

If memories would settle down, depart and leave me free.

That would surely be the end, of what once was you and me.


Night Visits



You watch me from the landscape at the end of the bed

With dots that gently glisten, I’m sure not in my head

I see you when I first wake and in the times between

Dots that seem to join you up, although your not quite seen.

I wish you’d form a little more so I can clearly see

Your face, your eyes and all of you watching over me

I know you come in love and light, that your intent is true

I only wish I was certain, that it is really you.