Big Question

Who is in the centre of all being,

at the root of all that is now.

Who controls the sun and moon,  

they must be moved somehow.

Which religion has it just right,

or are they clutching at straws.

Who is it watching over us,

is anyone keeping the scores.

I ask how the weathers dictated,

what are the reasons for rain.

Who is it that greets our arrival,

is it them that sends us again.

Who is at the centre of being,

are they helped in their task.

Is there a system of assistance,

I do hope and pray that it lasts.

So then I think of a hierarchy,

is there anyone standing in line.

Suppose I’ll see when I get there,

as it’s just only a matter of time.


Daily Prompt Word – Centre




At the Centre

What is real is at the heart centre of each of us, it is the pure self. The self that is emptiness, the self that is timeless and beyond anything else. To be truly aware of oneself, one should attempt to seek the silence within, the pure state of consciousness that is at the centre of everything that is.

Easier said than done with the constant chatter of the mind to distract us. How many times do we put off meditation because of something external that distracts us. The walk in nature interrupted by thoughts of the city or just pure self sabotage. How often do we actually breath with awareness and take time out of life to find ourselves.  

The heart centre is the very essence of being that the mind does not want us to find.

~ Liza




Daily Prompt Word – Centre