I used to rub it on my lamb, 

but then I gave up meat.

Although I still like rosemary, 

it makes a dish a treat.

I sprinkle on potatoes, 

as they are roasting in the pan.

I grow it on the window ledge, 

and pick it wild when I can.

I love the purple flowers, 

I’ve been known to eat them too.

Oh, sweet aromatic rosemary, 

what would we do without you.


~ fun response to The Daily Prompt word – Aromatic  


Aromatic – DP


I halted at the Basil plants,

at the local store today.

One moment I was standing there,

then somewhere far away.

I was back in our small kitchen,

that basil’s with me too.

It’s so funny how the smell of it,

leads me straight to you.

The aroma of the kitchen stays,

reminds me of my youth.

Of the dishes you prepared with it,

homemade that’s the truth.

Bruschetta with ripe tomatoes,

oil with basil chopped on top.

The thick pesto, green and fragrant,

we had to eat the lot.

Sprinkled on the crispy pizzas,

dressing each and every dish.

For you to come back to the kitchen,

would be my only wish.

So I bought the aromatic plant,

and I put it up on the sill.

As I breath it in each morning,

I’ll pretend your with me still.


Response to the Daily Prompt word – Aromatic