Finding Ourselves in our Brokenness

Often we have to have been broken to find ourselves, have had something happen to us that has caused cracks. These cracks are to big to fill, these cracks leave us wide open and vulnerable.

When we crack, when we are damaged we are more inclined to look inside to see how we can put ourselves back together again. Looking at the damaged object, we consider our purpose and in doing so question how we can repair ourselves in order to serve this purpose.

To find ourselves we have often been hurt, fearful or confused by life events, these occurrences leading us to our own centres, leading us to our very being.

Does the breaking of the heart cause it to open, maybe because in my experience those who know themselves have been broken, broken into so many pieces that they have to work hard to put themselves back together.

This is often when we find something outside of ourselves, God, divinity, universal energy, whatever you want to call it, but making this connection is often the glue that makes us whole again as piece by piece, portion by portion, we put ourselves back together again.




8 thoughts on “Finding Ourselves in our Brokenness”

  1. Do you think it takes a lifetime to put oneself back together?
    Or is it a matter of changing out pieces and parts for newer, different ones on a regular basis? Like growing.
    And how do you tell the difference of those two?

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    1. Good question! I wonder if it’s like a broken jigsaw puzzle – mostly finished but then one notices one or two pieces that fell of the table and finally there is a chance to complete it.

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    2. I hope it’s not a lifetime my dear! I think once we start on the journey we get better little by little. None of us grow the same but think we recognise when we are going in the right direction, we feel the difference xx


  2. Oh yes! This too relates to Dabrowski’s theory. Yes, I know, I go on about this because it’s my lens for such things, because I found it while I was in such a state and it showed that this is actually a positive process to go through — even though the part you’re describing here is the “disintegration,” which is always painful! But it’s part of becoming something better, something healthier.

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