Finding my Voice


It’s taken me a lifetime to find my voice, to speak from my heart. I’ve always said what I think but for a long time in the right company, in the company of those that would understand. As a child I agreed with everyone else, it’s a Virgo trait to want to keep people happy. In fact I think it was more than that, I didn’t have my own voice, I had the voice of society, the voice of everybody else.

I still want to be liked, it’s deep rooted, it’s connected to experience and that ego mind of mine, but today I’m not as bothered. I want to be liked by those that get me, I hope people will listen and consider my opinion but it’s not important and I could well be wrong, I’m still finding myself and therefore my voice might change.

So what is finding your voice, for me it is discovering yourself, your self expression in whatever form it presents. Your own unique voice is passionate, it’s your own authenticity, it’s your truth. It probably won’t be like anyone else as it’s unique to each of us, our voice is our own expression of life.

Artists understand what it is to have their own voice, poets, writers, dancers and painters because their voice is their craft, they speak from the heart, they understand individuality. That to me is owning your voice, it’s speaking from the heart, speaking from the absolute knowing inside of each of us.

So is it our voice or the realisation that we are truth, we are connected and finding that connection gives us our uniqueness. I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense but bare with me. I’ve found my connection, I’m in touch with a universal consciousness and yet I present my own understanding of it, I’m unique in how I choose to present it. If we were all the same we would all be dancing, I have two left feet but I can hear the rhythm of the universe in my heart.

I’m in love with nature and nature has given me a voice and that voice is my understanding of natures message. I am the the author of my own voice and yet that voice comes through a connection with the universe.

If we think about a rose, it’s not the same as any other rose, it presents us with it’s own understanding of growth and this is influenced by it’s surroundings, it’s experience of the world. That’s how we find our voice, it’s an inner knowing which comes to the surface through experience, as experience helps us to listen.

Here’s a question, is knowing ourselves the truth or is it influenced by our experiences here, are the experiences to remind us of who we really are, or are they to challenge us.

I’ve found my own voice as the person I am, the human, I hope it connects with what is true but at the moment it’s my truth.



22 thoughts on “Finding my Voice”

  1. I only started finding myself recently. Was never allowed to have a voice as a child. Perhaps that’s why its So important to me now. Thoughtful post, I really enjoyed reading it!

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  2. What a lovely post. Have you ever heard of the work of Kazimierz Dabrowski? He developed something called the Theory of Positive Disintegration, in which you have to disintegrate the way you previously made sense of the world and reintegrate at a level that is “more yourself” in order to be mentally healthy. (And that means he thinks most people don’t qualify as mentally healthy!)

    When I read this post, I thought, “this is what Dabrowski is talking about.” You sound like you’re reintegrating at a higher level here. Instead of being guided by external influences, you are following your own path to your personality ideal.

    All the best to you in this journey, and thanks for sharing!

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  3. Hi, I was searching for some material about voice and this to me makes a lot of sense. I’m so glad i stumbled upon this. If it’s OK with you can I use a few of your lines in an event where I will be an emcee and have to talk about voice

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