Nature Lessons 324

We don’t all grow in the best soil. At times it is harder to put down roots, sometimes we might be barely holding on but we pull on our resilience and make the best of what we have. To survive and flourish in such environments shows a determination hard to match.


21 thoughts on “Nature Lessons 324”

      1. Awe thanks. It’s amazing, that pic is 7 maybe 8 years now, and since I’ve turned snow white. Cause I never dyed my hair. Although if I can get someone to go to the store, I’m thinking of going gentle lilac as it fades into gray quite well. What you think?

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      2. Your so precious! You probably have no idea how much you mean to me and how valuable I find all you share. It still amazes me how, through the media we use to speak conveys what is inside those we talk with, but it does and I simple adore you.

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