Finding Buddha

Do you ever ask ‘who am I’ or ‘why am I here, what is my purpose’ or any number of questions that might establish what an earth we are doing here? I know that a lot of people don’t, many are more concerned with the everyday, how much money they have or where they are going on their summer vacation, but it’s a question I’ve always asked, it fascinates me.

I believe the purpose of life is to find ourselves, mature along our spiritual path, find our true selves and that is not the self we create in this body. I believe it is in realising ourselves, our real identity and inner spirit that is our ultimate goal here, to find ourselves in this labyrinth we call life.

We create personalities based on our experience of life, environment, relationships and the things that happen to us along the way. I believe we have travelled many lives and therefore inhabited many different personalities but there is a true self that travels with us, a self separate from the ego, yet often out of reach.

When I ask who am I, it is because I am questioning what I am outside of the ego, outside of life. I’m looking for my spirit, the one that travels through time, space, thought and lifetimes. This body I’m travelling in now is just a vessel, it holds my spirit while I’m here, but that’s all. If I wasn’t in this body I think I would still be here but in a different form, a purer, more knowing form maybe.

I practice past life regression, I’ve been regressed a number of times now and regress others and one thing I have found interesting in all of these regressions I have never found myself knowing who I am. I have never regressed anyone else to a point in their past life where they felt they had the answers. I still hope to find myself somewhere knowing more than I do now but I’m not sure it’s possible. Maybe we keep coming back until we find ourselves and then maybe move on elsewhere, if this is the school of life maybe we move onto university on another astral plane. Some of the personality traits, fears and beliefs come from past life experiences and it’s useful to recognise and understand these to release blocks we might have now.

I have never heard of a regression therapist finding Buddha or anyone else like that, usually we are just normal everyday people, please let me know if you know any better. I was a doctor once, I found myself after on the internet, I looked exactly the same as during my regression and the story was the same yet I didn’t know any more about life. I might have had a fantastic brain when it came to medicine but I didn’t know any more about myself. Those people who think they might have been Cleopatra or Nelson usually just lived in that era and probably never met them, the recollection of the past life is just connected to the time and not the figure.

I also practice future life progression (FLP) but I have only ever wanted to move forward in this actual life, I haven’t wanted to explore lives ahead, not just yet anyway.  I think FLP is a great tool in helping us see our way forward, I think we can bring things back that help us get there quicker and understand the way but for me this life is enough at the moment.  I have witnessed and taken others forward to future lives, one guy described being able to communicate telepathically and travel by thinking he was there, it is fascinating but not for me yet. You see a small part of me believes that if I find myself in the future it will mean I’m still searching for meaning. I’m not suggesting that I think for one moment I will understand all there is here, reach enlightenment and never have to come back but I’m hoping I’ll get closer.

I have moments of awakening, in my dreams, in meditation and on walks through nature but then the ego steps in and says ‘oh no you don’t’! I’m hoping to get there at some point, I’m hoping to get closer to knowing who I am but for now I’m just on the cusp.

Daily Prompt – Cusp


7 thoughts on “Finding Buddha”

  1. I know you like to debate things and I respect your beliefs but! Personally I don’t agree with past regression or future findings. I believe that our spirit is not meant to remember previous lives for a reason the reason being it’s gone or not yet happened. Why is important to know about things gone by. I prefer to live in the present which is the gift of life.

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    1. Life is what we make of it, I totally respect your view and understand it. But my own experience tells me reflection and understanding of events helps heal. Regression isn’t for everyone and there’s nothing in a past life that’s taught me yet but regression in this life certainly has. Some people live in the moment, that’s fine and certainly healthy but I’m an explorer and always ask the question why xxx

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      1. I agree 100% that reflection and understanding in our current lifetime is important it is our life experiences that makes us who we are today. Somehow I think I’ve reached a point (must be my age) where I think it’s pointless and tiring trying to analyse and now I just want to be.

        We could have such great debates you and I, we are similar but also different in our beliefs . I would not change a thing about you. ❤️

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      2. For some reason after our conversation I was inspired to paint something very different 😳 I am sure you will be able to explain it for me. I will post it later, it’s just drying 😉

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  2. Also is it really that we can’t remember and are not supposed to or is the ego hiding it. Children often remember past lives before the ego is fully developed. I think there is certainly something to not remembering for a reason but also think there is something to the need to find our authenticity. Your right I’m always up for a debate xx

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