Sometimes the things that do best aren’t necessarily the things we look after. This thought came to me today while having coffee on my doorstep.

I live in a first floor flat at the moment and any sign of sunshine I’m out of the front door. Anyway I was sitting there looking at the empty pots thinking I will have moved by the time it comes to planting for summer when I noticed new growth in a couple of pots I haven’t touched. I’ve been deadheading and watering my window boxes but totally ignored the plants on the front steps.

It made me think of the things we don’t necessarily consider and how they continue to grow in spite of that fact. It also made me think of how much in life is beyond our control.

I suppose the same could be said for me. While I’m busy trying to control life and what happens to me, I continue to grow. I might not always be aware of this or the area of growth but it happens. While I’m thinking about who I am, I’m establishing who I’m not. While I’m focused on the care of others, I’m taking care of myself and while I sleep I’m waking up.

Now I wonder why the money tree has grown so much and wonder what this might mean. I really must stop this wondering and go in and take care of my chores now, because I’m not sure the same is true for them!


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