Nature Lessons 216

Blossom in your togetherness, grow and create together as people but don’t loose sight of your uniqueness. It is the individuality and uniqueness in each of us that makes the whole more beautiful.

~ Liza



14 thoughts on “Nature Lessons 216”

      1. Painting is new to me Liza, I tried it when I was at school and did not like it. I was more for drawing. It’s strange how I am finding it easier now!

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      2. It’s strange I’ve always felt like I was missing something but did not know what, now I know, I think I was meant to paint 😉

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      3. Thanks Liza, any idea when you will be moving yet? I honestly think you will feel better when it happens. The waiting and anticipating is the hardest thing. 🌹🌸🌹

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      4. I know you will be fine Liza, I’ve known all along it will be the beginning of a new start which I feel may have been needed for a while. 🌹🌹🌹

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