Healing Power of Nature

Nature, it’s beauty and colours heal the spirit without a doubt, it just takes trust and belief.  I believe if we trust and immerse ourselves in the colours of nature we will feel it’s healing energy.  Just to know that we are connected to nature as we are to all things, allows us to heal from the inside out. 


I have spent a good deal of time in nature this year, it has taught me a lot about myself and I have emerged a different person.  The simplicity and depth of nature amazes me, the patterns, the cycles reminds me that all things in life come and go, nothing is forever and everything returns. I can feel the healing power of nature, I believe it and it tells me that all will come well, the I that I think I am is just part of this beautiful landscape, I am connected to all nature, I just have to see that connection and let it become part of who I am.


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