Sated- DP

No my dear, that’s quite enough,

I’m fully satisfied.

Yes I did have  second helpings,

I gave it another try.

I couldn’t get another thing down,

yes, that was plenty.

No, I can assure you dear,

my stomach is far from empty.

I am well and truly sated,

I couldn’t face anything else.

Please don’t feed me any more,

that was just fine by itself.

No, I couldn’t possibly face,

any more cheese and crackers.

I don’t think I’ll eat for a week,

I’m definitely  not a slacker.

I’m starting to get a little concerned,

I’ve eaten too much of this stuff.

I can honestly assure you dear,

I really have had enough.

Is there another motive here,

like something in the food.

No I’m really not joking,

nor would I want to be rude

I think your trying to choke me,

please pass me the red wine.

I just need to rinse my mouth out,

it surely must be home time.


Response to The Daily Prompt – Sated

Happy Thanks Giving Holiday to my American Followers.  Hope you’ve had your fill 😉


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