The Bench

Today I’ll sit upon the bench 

and spend a while with you.

It’s where we sat when you were here, 

I’ll be thinking too.

Of the lessons I have learnt, 

like those connected to grief.

To make the most of what I have, 

our time on earth so brief.

To treasure each and every moment, 

as if it might be the last.

To not attach to earthly things, 

as all things come to pass.

I will smile as I think of you, 

with memories so strong.

When I go down to that bench, 

will you come along.

10 thoughts on “The Bench”

  1. I am sure you won’t be sat alone 😉 knowing you there will be lots of company around even if others can’t see them, you will feel them. Xxx. Oh and great tribute poem xx

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