I’m undoing those attachments,

to things upon this earth.

The estate agent is on his way,

to tell me what I’m worth.

It’s not about the money,

although I’ll need it on my path.

I’m reaching an understanding,  

of that which is the past.

I’m stepping out into the world,

my path has reached a bend.

Realising I have so much to do

before I reach the end. 

So I’m packing up my memories,

I’ll wrap them up to keep.

I can always pull them close to me,

as each night I sleep.

I’m changing what I do in life,

how I earn my money.

Some will say I’m quite mad,

the others think I’m funny.

I’m pulling it all in now,

what I know and have to learn.

I really feel the time has come

for me to make this turn.

Conflicting feelings, going round,

my head is in a spin

But then again excitement,

for the future to begin.



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