The Medium

I feel I have a female energy, 

she’s coming through with love.

She’s telling you she’s with you here, 

not somewhere up above.

She’s telling me she watches you, 

this week she watched you dance.

She’s happy that your trying now, 

and giving life a chance.

Her death was so unexpected, 

she knows it was a shock.

She’s come to tell you life goes on, 

for her, the other sides unlocked.

She used to wear an emerald ring, 

you keep it by your bed.

She saw you pick it up last night, 

she heard those words you said.

I’m feeling her emotions, 

she’s washing them through me.

She’s sending all the love she can, 

she wants to help you see.

That she hasn’t gone that far away, 

just stepped through the door.

And now she’s getting stronger, 

she’s with you more and more.

She’s asking that I thank you, 

for the love you gave in life.

She says she was so very proud, 

to be your darling wife.

She sees you with the children, 

when your having fun.

She knows it’s been so very hard, 

for them to loose their mum.

She visits them at night time, 

when their fast asleep.

She gives them gentle kisses, 

with more memories to keep.

I feel she wants to tell you, 

she won’t ever go away.

She’ll always be right with you, 

until she meets you there one day.

So speak out loud to her each day, 

she hears you when you do.

Please know she watches you daily, 

she sends so much love to you.

She’s talking about a candle, 

the one that just won’t stay alight.

She’s telling me she blows it out, 

as you light it every night.

She’s a very good communicator, 

as her love is very strong.

She’s saying you didn’t need to visit me, 

because you had her all along.

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