Finding a State of Being


When we sit in silence and put away the ego, we see through all self images and understand our own ingrained thought patterns.  From here we can connect with our true being and realise our potential.

Silence is a gift that in as much as it is free and available to every single one of us, it is often beyond our grasp.  Life takes over and we don’t find those minutes we need to just sit with ourselves.

Absolute silence is probably impossible in our busy lives with constant noise around us.  Even deep in the forest there will be the sounds of leaves falling, twigs snapping, rivers trickling and the wind gently blowing.

We can still attempt to find the silence within by just switching off outside influences, shutting down and going within to find a naturally peaceful state of being.  Rest is this sensation and enjoy our own natural state of consciousness.

It took me a long time to discover the joy of silence.  The point of silence for me is to reach a place of self reflection and understanding, find  clarity and my own natural intuitive wisdom.


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