Lovely Hydrangea 

I love these hydrangeas, particularly the purple as colour speaks to me of love, spirituality and healing. Each little petal is an individual but connected to the main, a bit like the different aspects of our own human souls. Also how we interconnect with each other in groups. I learn so much about life from nature, it’s amazing when you really look and find the similarities.

I learnt that soil they are planted in dictates the richness of colour, a bit like environment does with us.

These come from my Dad’s garden in Normandy, so they also remind me of him. Each year I bring a bunch home to dry. I learnt the easiest way was for them to just sit in the vase once the water has dried up.

Those petals look so comfortable and soft for bugs to hide and sleep don’t you think 😊

These dry ones are not so soft but perfect for spiders 😉

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