Confused – DP



Life is as confusing as we make it.  I have dreams that confuse me, disastrous dreams, like last night where the bank was closing in and I was in so much debt there was no way out. Is this a message for me to get my affairs in order or just a fear that finds its way to the surface when I’m asleep and not able to suppress it. This morning my immediate reaction was to fret and worry and then I opened my eyes and remembered I don’t do that anymore. I’m not supposed to have all the answers and life will work out as it should if I worry or not. I checked my bank account and an outstanding invoice had been paid, there, it was just an unconscious worry.

Confused is just another term for not having all the answers and I certainly don’t have them.  Confusion also arises when we don’t feel in control, we don’t know which way to turn or who to listen to any any given moment. I don’t want to fight control any longer, I submit, have it your own way control. I’ll wait until it feels right or I’m inspired to move forward.

Some things I don’t mind finding a little confusing are crosswords, the rules to football and those that don’t ever think further than their day to day existence.

Life is as confusing as you allow it to be. I don’t give being confused much space now because it’s all a mystery we will find out at the end of the day and at the moment I’m in no particular hurry.


Daily Word Prompt – Confused