The Little Tree


Your looking very messy, I’d say you need a trim.
Overgrown, I do suggest you hold the middle in.
Fashion fashionistas would say you have let go.
Maybe true, you do look odd if that’s really how you grow.

Then your an individual, you like to be yourself.
Very understandable, but you have to mind your health.
Following your own journey, it’s really up to you.
As long as your expressions, are what you feel are true.

Don’t we all have to follow our own paths and remain true to ourselves.  So I thought this little tree looked silly, but then again some might think I look silly, say crazy things have weird beliefs.  I maybe a bit off centre, head in the sky and heart on my sleeve, but it’s what sits well with me that matters.

I had my hair cut and styled yesterday and the colour touched up.  It didn’t really change me, maybe on the outside and maybe I walked a bit taller for a while but fundamentally I’m the same person I was before I walked into the salon.  It’s the inside that is important and the parts of that we share with the world, our friends and family.

I would imagine this tree makes a great hiding place, a shelter for small animals and a nest for birds.  Just because it doesn’t look so great doesn’t mean it’s not any less valuable. Walking past the tree yesterday, I suppose it spoke to me also because I stopped, took a photo and thought about it.  So I thought I would share it on here to see if it resonates with anyone else.  I think the message is be true to yourself, be kind to others and be magnificent!

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