Felicity’s Flowers





Felicity was a simple woman, the simpleness of her manner, the simplicity of her dress and the ease of her movement told you so. Yet she had great clarity, she had an intuition that was beyond this world a clarity so powerful that she had no need to worry as others might, she just enjoyed the simplicity of life and waited.

Felicity knew where she was going and she knew why she was here and that was enough, that was all that she needed. She did what she wanted in life, she sold flowers and painted. She didn’t involve herself in elaborate bouquets for weddings and other such functions, just bunches of wild meadow flowers she grew in her garden and collected from the fields and hedgerows around the village. Her paintings of nature, flowers and sunsets were a reflection of her beautiful mind, Felicity dealt in beauty.

Felicity also made healing teas and creams, she studied the flowers and nettles and treated those who asked. Felicity wasn’t a sales woman, she never put out her wares, people just came when they heard about her. This was usually after seeing a painting hanging elsewhere, a floral display at an event or heard of a miraculous recovery.

Felicity never promoted herself but knew without doubt she would be okay, she would be looked after. When money was needed to pay a bill or mend the roof, so an order would come in or there would be a knock at the door. She didn’t have a computer or telephone, she hadn’t heard of social media or its purpose but life was okay. Felicity didn’t crave riches, she didn’t want to be cold and hungry but at the same time didn’t wish for anything beyond her simple means.

Felicity did not see beauty in material things, she didn’t need high fashion, state of the art gadgets or a bigger and smarter home. She didn’t see beauty in anything else apart from the world around her and because of this she was beautiful beyond wealth and status.

Felicity enjoyed listening to music, she loved the opera her favourite piece from La Wally, although she didn’t have anything but an old record player to listen to and this was enough. She found music in life, the sound of dawn breaking, the sound of the rain hitting the trees and the sound she found in stillness.

People felt very drawn to Felicity, they wanted to be in her company, listen to her and ask her opinions on their own lives. Felicity did not profess to know the future but she was always right. Felicity was a healer through her words as well as any potions, maybe more so. She instilled peace and contentment in others by helping them see their own lives through her eyes. The worried, worried less, the lonely felt comforted and thought about and the grieving felt closer to their loved ones sitting in her company.

Felicity knew and waited for life to unfold and everybody who knew her waited with her trusting in her beautiful soul.


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